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Meet Triggre, the no-code platform for professional services, both SMBs and multinationals. Scale your business by transforming repetitive manual work to a fully digitalized and flexible organization. Manage more customers with your current team.

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Professional services

"Triggre allowed us to become more efficient. Now everything is connected with each other."


Are you struggling with...

Lack of automation

A lot of manual repetitive work such as updating spreadsheets, causes you to hire more people.

New value propositions

Offering your current and future customers new solutions and services.

Lack of time

Smaller repetitive tasks are taking away your focus on broader and more important goals.

Visibility & legacy systems

Information is spread across many different legacy systems that are inflexible and independent from each other. No single source of truth.

Demanding customers

A customer is your reputation, and working on tasks that can be automated prevents you from being responsive.

Long billing cycle

Keeping track of information such as hours worked and billing rates in different software tools complicates the billing process.

All you need in a single application

Optimize back-office processes

Connect and sync customer data from your ERP system

Build applications that become an added value for your customers
Create and send digital invoices
Automate advanced dynamic pricing quotations

Store and manage documentation that can be easily signed by clients through your app
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Outbound Sales Agency

Before state

“Having all different kinds of systems that were not connected to each other. It was not working like we wanted.”

After state

“With Triggre we built one platform that was connected to everything. The processes and efficiency of our company is perfect now.”

- Bob Slikkerveer, founder

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Bob Mastare

Why choose Triggre?

Adapt your processes

Avoid manual work on data spread over multiple systems. Build an integrated and flexible process.

Scale your service by automating back-end processes so you can focus on attending more customers.
Take control

Take control

Enable your team to adjust, extend, and improve processes. All without technical knowledge.

Having this ability allows your company to adapt to new demands from customers.
Save money

Save money

Save $250K in 2 years, by not continuously expanding teams. This is key for long term success and ROI.

With Triggre, you're able to automate, and execute processes without the need for extra employees.
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Ed Lanen

“My experience with Triggre is very good. It is far better than the products I have used in the past.”

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William de la Rambelje

“With Triggre, we automated a lot of work in our purchase-to-order process, at a low cost.”

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Bouwe Koopal

“I am very surprised of the speed at which you can learn Triggre, it's really accessible.”

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