Percy Purchase

Manage budget, purchasing and actuals in a workflow tool. Generate purchase orders and define an approval workflow over multiple levels or departments based on variables like budgets, amounts and authority.
Approval workflow for purchasing
Insights in budget versus actual spend
Supplier management
End to end control of budget, purchase orders and actuals
Customizable approval workflows across departments
Compare budget and actuals on a real time basis
Business rules to manage boundaries and exceptions
Harmonization of purchasing over multiple locations or divisions
Reporting on actual spend, open PO’s, approval status

Connect with ...

Office 365
Office 365
Google Docs
Google Docs
Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Share PO's with suppliers
Supplier portal for reach out purchase orders
Insights in article purchasing


Whether you want a quick look at this application or use it as a base for your own custom application, feel free to download it now.

To use the template, first store the design on your computer. Open your Triggre Designer and go to Versions. Click the Add button and choose to Upload new version to upload the template.

For more information about downloading and uploading templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article about this topic.

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