Evy Evaluation

Digital support for periodical employee evaluation, 360 feedback, performance monitoring, competence frameworks, training opportunities and increase of employability.
Continuous increase of employability
Support professional and personal growth
Save costs on job fulfillment
Task template builder to build reusable task lists that you can assign to an employee
Use various types of tasks, like send emails, create or fillout documents and phone calls
Automatic planning and scheduling of evaluations and tasks, based on start or due date
Automatic collection of files per employee, easy to share and connect with other systems
Automatic notifications of tasks and reminders per day or week
Reporting and feedback functionality for HR or administrator

Connect with ...

Office 365
Office 365
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Competence framework and overtime result logging
Digital Triggre forms for your evaluations
Automatic 360 feedback requests


Whether you want a quick look at this application or use it as a base for your own custom application, feel free to download it now.

To use the template, first store the design on your computer. Open your Triggre Designer and go to Versions. Click the Add button and choose to Upload new version to upload the template.

For more information about downloading and uploading templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article about this topic.

Download template