Patty Portal

Extended self-service portal with possibility to request vacation days, IT office supplies and to support communication between managers and teams.
Offer localized time off management in a portal
Manage all types of varieties
Support various workflows to request supplies or accounts
Employee portal offering specific needs per role, department or area
Extended workflow functionalities supporting leave requests, requests for IT or office supplies
Document workflow, add, review and share documents across departments and locations
Provide onboarding documentation, videos and instructions in online portal
Onboarding workflow to manage and streamline new hires
Reporting on any item regarding statuses, amounts and results

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Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Add multiple leave regulations
Custom alerts on every process step
Document generation, generate labor contracts automatically


Whether you want a quick look at this application or use it as a base for your own custom application, feel free to download it now.

To use the template, first store the design on your computer. Open your Triggre Designer and go to Versions. Click the Add button and choose to Upload new version to upload the template.

For more information about downloading and uploading templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article about this topic.

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