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Design business critical applications with ease using Triggre.

Improve your business by creating business critical applications the easy way, using the Triggre Designer. Featuring a 100% no-code, no-script, no-HTML and no-CSS design process. Using our extensive application template library, your first application is live within a few minutes.

Building applications

Easy to use, simple and fun to use.

Every application has data, workflows and screens. In Triggre, you design these using our minimalist Triggre Designer. Once you’re done with your Design, publish it and you can immediately use your application. No technical knowledge required. It’s as easy as creating a spreadsheet.


Design applications the smart way. One. Step. At. A. Time.

The unique design process in the Triggre Designer uses wizards. There are wizards for designing the data in your application, the workflows, business rules and the screens. The wizards operate on a simple premise: one thing at a time. Keep it simple.

Automated validation

No mistakes with real-time automatic validation.

Stop worrying about testing. Triggre automatically detects when something is missing in your design. A red badge will show you exactly where the problem is, so you can easily resolve it. This way, you are guaranteed that your application works when you publish it.

Automatic validation
Application launch

Publish your application in just one click!

All technology you need to publish and use your application, is part of the Triggre platform. Including databases, servers, migrations from previous versions and updates of your applications. Just hit the publish button, and Triggre takes care of the rest.


Automatic versioning made simple.

Triggre automatically saves a version of your design whenever you publish. Rolling back to a previous version is as simple as clicking a button. Versions can even be shared with others, as a starting point for their design.

Automatic versioning

Learn how to build your own applications in a heartbeat with Triggre's built-in Academy.

Triggre Academy

Learn while doing with the built-in Triggre Academy.

Learn the ins and outs of the Triggre Designer with the Triggre Academy, our official certification program with three levels of expertise: Explorer, Ranger and Guide. This simple step-by-step approach to mastering the platform has many free learning resources at your disposal, including the interactive exercises in your Triggre Designer, and video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Learn more about the Triggre Academy!
Triggre Academy

Become a certified Triggre expert and get access to our partner program.

Whenever you feel ready, log in to My Triggre and click "Certification" to start your Explorer exam for free. This certification is the first step of your journey to become a Triggre partner.

Triggre partners are certified experts that build top-notch Triggre applications for their clients. As part of our lucrative partner program, they receive Ranger and Guide level training, and a monthly recurring commission on all their active Triggre customers.

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Pave your way to success with Triggre!

Your business is one step away from becoming everything you dreamed of, and Triggre is here to help you succeed. Create a custom web application that automates and supports all your business processes in the same platform in no time, for free. No coding knowledge is required!

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