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Learn how to easily build you own powerful applications, without needing technical knowledge, at the Triggre Academy.

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Do it yourself

You don’t need any programming experience or technical knowledge. The Triggre Designer will guide you through the complete process of building apps.


Learn everything you need

The online Triggre Academy will teach you everything you need to know, by using video material, online exercises and awesome challenges.


Perfectly fitting applications

People all around the world have created perfectly fitting business applications with Triggre, now serving more than hundred thousands of users.

What will you get?

Video camera

Access to all content of the Explorer & Ranger level of the Academy

Including lots of videos to get you up and running with Triggre and its functionalities
User focus

Receive your own, personal Triggre instance

Your Triggre instance is where you will start to build your own business applications
Application templates

Multiple templates available for different use cases

Just download a template, make some changes and voilà! Your own business application

Access to our knowledge base and how-to videos

Every month we will upload new content to support your journey!

In the Triggre Academy you will learn...


How to set a goal for your application.


How to start sketching your application.


How to create an application roadmap.


How to build your first application.

"“Triggre is the best thing you can get in the market for a really, really good price and it’s really user-friendly to build applications with."


How does it work?

Sign up for free and finish our short Triggre walk-through
Receive your personal Triggre instance and access to the Academy
Use the videos, knowledge base and templates to kick start your journey
Build amazing business applications all by yourself!

The Triggre Academy levels

The Triggre Academy has three levels: Explorer, Ranger and Guide. With each level, your knowledge and skills on making applications increases. Ultimately you will be the go-to person for custom business applications!



Learn how to support and automate business processes with customized business applications on the Triggre platform.



Learn how to create dynamic business applications on the Triggre platform and connect them to other applications to exchange data.



The Triggre Guide training will help you learn how to support and train teams to use the Triggre platform.


Start learning Triggre today!

Learning Triggre is easy and fun, and you can do it at your own pace, in your own time. Start learning today and discover the endless possibilities to improve your business processes with Triggre.

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