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The Triggre Academy is our official certification program, that guarantees you have the skills to take on any challenge and build powerful business applications for yourself or others. Get ready to become a certified Triggre expert and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success!

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Triggre Academy levels

The Triggre Academy has three levels: Explorer, Ranger and Guide. With each level, your knowledge and skills on making applications increases. Ultimately you will be the go-to person for custom business applications!



The first step in your no-code journey: learn the basics of Triggre's platform by creating your first, simple applications.



Expand your knowledge and skills developing more complex business applications that integrate Triggre with other platforms and systems.



Master Triggre by learning advanced techniques to be able to build any type of business application you can imagine.

How to become a certified Triggre expert


Sign up and start learning online at your own pace

You have many free resources at your disposal, including the interactive exercises in your Triggre Designer, and video tutorials on our YouTube channel.


Take the Explorer exam whenever you are ready

No need to wait for scheduled dates or to pay hefty fees! Simply log in to My Triggre and click "Certification" to start your Explorer exam whenever it suits you best, for free.


The Explorer certification is just the beginning!

Our Ranger and Guide levels are reserved for Triggre partners building top-notch applications for their clients. Learn more about how to become a Triggre partner here.

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"“Triggre is the best thing you can get in the market, and it’s really user-friendly to build applications with."



Pave your way to success with Triggre!

Your business is one step away from becoming everything you dreamed of, and Triggre is here to help you succeed. Create a custom web application that automates and supports all your business processes in the same platform in no time, for free. No coding knowledge is required!

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