Public roadmap

Below is a list of features which we currently have on our roadmap. The features listed here are customer facing, as technical, behind-scenes-only features will be implemented as general improvements.

Please note that we never give release dates or even estimated release dates for our features. No rights can be derived from information published here.


Recently released


Invite others to help you design your Triggre application. Made available through the My Triggre dashboard.

Design templates

Several templates to choose from that determine the look and feel of your application, each of which are very customizable. Think colors, fonts, etc.

REST connection action

Allow REST interfaces to be called directly from flow parts. This will require a very easy-to-use editor for REST APIs.

Video content item

Allow displaying videos on pages in your application.

More functions in rules

Add more functions to use in rules so it is easier to make certain logic.


Feature voting

We will introduce a way to vote on features that are on our internal roadmap, which we have decided to implement.

WYSIWYG page editor

A vastly improved page editor, giving users more control while keeping the industry-leading simplicity you have come to love.

More connections

In addition to Zapier, we will introduce more connections that cover use-cases where Zapier is not sufficient.


Tagging system

Introduce easily searchable tags that can be added to parts of your design such as data items, flow parts, etc.


A more integrated solution to handling payments in your applications. Support for multiple payment providers.

More functions in rules

Add more functions to use in rules so it is easier to make certain logic.

Document editor redesign

Rework of the document editor, based on the WYSIWYG page editor. Improve generation of PDFs if possible.

Email editor redesign

Currently you can only make text mails. Based on the WYSIWYG page editor, build visual (HTML) emails in a simple way.

Multi language

Allow multiple languages to easily be implemented in your application, fully customizable.

Multi select

Allow multi-select on tables on pages in your application.

Flow editor redesign

Redesign of how to connect steps in the flow editors. Instead of selecting from a list, providing a visual selection.

More page elements

Implement more elements to use on pages such as maps, calendar, etc.

Advanced copy paste

Allow parts of an application to be copied and pasted, such as (a part of) a flow part. Even between application designs.

Market place

A place to publish your designs for others to use, either for free or at a commission.