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Manage salaries, expenses, renewals and employee benefits in a portal.
Salary mutations workflow
On-time renewal or termination of labor contracts
Reduce support time with employee self service
Workflows offering self-service for employees to manage financials, leave and upload expense receipts
Salary mutations approval workflow from manager to board and financial administration
Overview of employee labor agreements and specific action triggers regarding termination or extension
Labor agreement generation based on predefined template and articles
Digital employee file to save labor contracts, easy extendable with other content
Self-registration functionality for internal and external employees or contractors

Connect with ...

Active Directory
Active Directory
Google Docs
Google Docs
Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Add workflow to digitalize periodical employee reviews
Connect with your payroll system and update salaries right away in our financial administration
Document generation, generate labor contracts automatically

How do I use this template?

Go to the dashboard of your Triggre Designer. Just below the support section all templates are shown. Go to the template you want to use by clicking the arrows left or right and click Load template. It will be loaded into your designer instantly.

For more information about using templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base articles about this topic.

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