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Resource planning
Bring your planning to exceptional hights with extensive automated business rules. Reduce time, increase capacity and discover how to improve profitability.
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Peter Plan

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Key features of this template

Optimization of logistic processes by smart business rules
Scenario analysis, for example based on ETA or pricing
Consolidation of orders, harmonization of shipments
Routing of shipments, optimization of resources
Automatic cost price calculation based on variables
Reporting on budget and status
Enhance it with AI
  • Maximize delivery efficiency by using an AI to optimize routes and schedules based on major events or clusters of smaller events with large total impact happening around your locations.
  • Enhance logistics planning by using an AI to forecast the number of shipments based on historic data, and correlate that with the expected increase or decrease in shipping costs.
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Suggested AI:
Predict HQ
Obviously AI

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Google Docs
Google Docs
... and any other external service thanks to Triggre's native Web APIs functionality!
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Tips for customizing your template

Add business rules per region or product
Connect with carriers
Automate decision making based on scenario analysis

How do I use this template?

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How do I use this template?

First, download the template using the button below. Create a free Triggre account. Then, go to the Triggre Designer and click on "Versions". Click on the "Add" green button and then "Upload new version". Select the template file, and it will be loaded into your Designer instantly.

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