Data Diana

Connect multiple data sources, combine and use data in smart data driven workflows. Compare actuals with planning or manage exceptions effortless.
Monitoring of performance in one system
Use data triggers in business rules and workflows
Reduce or eliminate manual data analysis
Transforming data into reports in an easy way
Reporting portal for any stakeholder, create roles for exactly the right view
Disclose performance data to customers in an easy way
Easy accessible on desktop, smartphone and tablet
Visualize data in reports, graphs and documents
Upload data from spreadsheets or connect with other platforms

Connect with ...

Google Spreadsheets
Google Spreadsheets
Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Connect with vertical market operational systems, extract performance data
Add pro-active monitoring on data with automated alerts when exceeding determined boundaries
Add workflow to adjust and or approve reports before publishing to your audience

How do I use this template?

Go to the dashboard of your Triggre Designer. Just below the support section all templates are shown. Go to the template you want to use by clicking the arrows left or right and click Load template. It will be loaded into your designer instantly.

For more information about using templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base articles about this topic.

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