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Colin Complaint

Complaint management
Set up a database and workflow to manage complaints, reactions and documentation. Use a public available portal or provide user accounts to your customers.
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Eliminate endless emails and Excels
Automate handling and follow-up
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Colin Complaint

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Key features of this template

Customer portal for adding and managing complaints by customers
Functionality for customers to interact with customer services
Manage various categories of complaints and follow-up workflows
Assign complaints to one or more internal or external stakeholders
User management with rights and roles to configure detailed user roles
Compare, review and share reactions and solution from customer services departments
Enhance it with AI
  • Enhance customer service efficiency by using AI-driven sentiment analysis to prioritize complaints based on urgency and customer sentiment.
  • Improve complaint handling by using an AI to remove sentiment from the complaint, making it more manageable for the handler.
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Suggested AI:
Open AI

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Office 365
Office 365
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Extend with other customer service processes
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