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Automate and schedule follow-up interactions based on events like meetings, requests or proposals. Start an event driven journey, combine precious digital and analog actions to hatch opportunities.
Create advanced digital customer journeys
Keep track of follow-up and performance
Increase productivity and conversion
Build custom flows for event driven lead or customer follow-up
Build follow-up templates for every occasion yourself, adjust on the fly
Schedule email cadences to inform event participants, attendees or visitors
Execute cadences to send emails automatically, re-use email templates
Use automatic execution of tasks or assign by default to colleagues or teams
Optimized for desktop and mobile use

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Customize template

Tips for customizing your template

Connect with Wordpress forms
Automate cadences based on inbound emails of form submissions
Implement customer centric automated communication

How do I use this template?

Go to the dashboard of your Triggre Designer. Just below the support section all templates are shown. Go to the template you want to use by clicking the arrows left or right and click Load template. It will be loaded into your designer instantly.

For more information about using templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base articles about this topic.

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