The modern way to build business critical applications.

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Support and automate your business processes. Without the usual hassle.

Triggre empowers creators to build business critical applications in a visual drag-and-drop designer without any code. Triggre takes care of all the technical nitty-gritty that can make building applications very complex. With wizards that guide you through the building process and automatic testing, you can easily build the best applications of your life, all by yourself.

Drag and drop designer

Drag & drop designer

Easily make pages, processes and portals that support your unique way of working, guided by wizards.
Dynamic workflow

Dynamic workflow

Use advanced business rules to automate processes you still do by hand.
E-learning exercises

E-learning & exercises

Learn by doing and have fun with the built-in Triggre Academy e-learning and exercises.
Integration and API

Integration & API

Use Zapier to connect your application to the world in just a few clicks.

You'll never want to look under the hood ever again.

If a car has less buttons, does it make the car less powerful? No. If anything, it makes driving the car a lot easier. The Triggre platform is built on a less is more principle. Triggre has automated as many things as possible, so you can focus on the good parts: building perfectly-fitting applications.

User interface

User interface

Use your application effortlessly on any device. Use your own logo, font and colors or branding.
Relational database

Relational database

Create a relational database with the ease of setting up a spreadsheet.
Security and compliance

Security & compliance

Built-in security and continuous active monitoring protects your application against threats.
Automatic testing

Automatic testing

The integrated automated validation and testing make sure your applications always work.

Pave your way to success with Triggre!

Your business is one step away from becoming everything you dreamed of, and Triggre is here to help you succeed. Create a custom web application that automates and supports all your business processes in the same platform in no time, for free. No coding knowledge is required!

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