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Integration & API

Seamlessly connect your application to the world.

Triggre automatically generates an API to connect your application to other applications. By using our built-in Web APIs functionality, Zapier integrations, Webhooks or our custom API, there is always a perfectly fitting solution available.

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Bridge the gap between your diverse tools and streamline operations under the same no-code platform. Any external service with API / Webhooks capabilities can be connected to Triggre, including the latest AI tools.
Google Calendar
Obviously AI
Office 365
Open AI
Active Directory

Built-in Web APIs functionality

Every Triggre application comes with a revolutionary built-in Web APIs functionality that connects to any external service (including applications that may not be available in Zapier's catalog yet), no coding required.

This functionality allows you to process data without storing it in Triggre, which is useful for companies with their own database. It provides immediate responses, making it ideal for apps that require real-time data processing, and is more flexible and cost-efficient.


Triggre and Zapier are a great team. That’s why we offer Zapier integration for all subscriptions! In case Zapier doesn’t provide an integration, you can easily use our built-in Web APIs functionality or the REST API of the other application together with Webhooks by Zapier.

Zapier has over 3.000 integrations available and a ‘Zap’ can start processes or react to data changes in your Triggre application. Below, you can find some examples of Zaps.

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Triggre + Twilio

Send an SMS via Twilio after a status update in Triggre.

Triggre + DocParser

Receive data from DocParser in Triggre after receiving a PDF invoice via email.

Triggre + Microsoft Teams

Send a message to Microsoft Teams when a support request is added in Triggre.

Triggre + Stripe

Receive sales receipts in Triggre after a successful transaction in Stripe.

Triggre + Airtable

Save new Airtable rows automatically in your Triggre database.

... and many, many more

Find out more options to connect your Triggre application with on
Check out Triggre on Zapier

REST API & Webhooks by Zapier

If an application does not support Zapier, you can use the available REST API of the application. If you combine this with Webhooks by Zapier, you can call any REST API and establish a connection.

Custom API

It could happen that you have other specific needs for integration. For those situations, we offer a custom API as part of our Enterprise subscription. Support of the custom integration is included. This guarantees optimal performance!

Custom API


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