How to enhance customer support using AI

Don Keijzers

Enhancing customer support through technology is essential, especially for scaling businesses. Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with no-code solutions can significantly upgrade how a business handles customer support tickets. For example, by automating the generation of consistent and accurate responses to requests. However, to efficiently manage and scale this process for a large volume of emails, more automation capabilities are needed, allowing for seamless integration and automation through APIs.

Tip: make sure you ensure data privacy when integrating AI tools into your business processes.

Integrating advanced automation tools (particularly, no-code tools like Triggre) opens the door to more sophisticated and impactful uses of AI in customer support. By combining AI and no-code, you can: build a customized solution to streamline customer request management (there is a free template for this in Triggre), integrate AI solutions to speed up processing and free up time for the tickets requiring human interaction, and to top it off — control the use of AI in your processes to avoid errors and constantly improve the quality of responses.  

Here are four key aspects of the AI and Triggre synergy that can significantly enhance your customer support:

1. Categorization

AI technologies, like ChatGPT, can be leveraged to intelligently categorize incoming customer support emails. This automation goes beyond simple sorting; it involves classifying emails based on multiple dimensions such as priority, topic, and other specific criteria (e.g. department-specific tickets).

The categorization can be finetuned to allocate support tickets based on a variety of factors, such as urgency, sentiment, relevant department, or even directing queries to specific individuals. This ensures a more organized and efficient handling of customer support requests, ensuring that they are addressed by the most suitable person or entity within the organization.

2. Accuracy

The aspect of accuracy in automated responses and ticket categorization is crucial. By incorporating a mechanism to gather feedback on the AI-generated responses and categorizations, and feeding this data back into the AI, there's a continuous improvement cycle. Using Triggre, you can build an automation of this feedback loop within your application, progressively refining the AI’s accuracy in understanding and responding to customer queries, improving the quality of customer support.

3. Visualizing effectiveness and locating gaps

Triggre’s capabilities allow for the creation of dashboards that monitor and display changes in accuracy over time as reported by the AI tool. This feature is helpful for analyzing the effectiveness of AI in customer support.

Through these dashboards, businesses can gain insights into which answers are being effectively found in the existing documentation, identify where the informational gaps lie, discern which documents within their knowledge base are most utilized for answers, and understand the nature of the most frequently asked questions. This analysis can guide strategic improvements in both the AI model’s training data and the customer support content.

4. Control and optimization

The final aspect involves the strategic use and management of AI within the customer support framework. Triggre allows for the implementation of specific rules or criteria that dictate when and how AI is utilized for managing customer requests (for example, in a healthcare organization, questions about opening hours can be answered using AI, while requests concerning critical medical conditions are better directed to a human, for now).  

Decisions such as when to rely on AI for responses, the categorization of queries for manual or automated handling, selection of documentation for AI training, and an overarching view of the prompts and responses being used across the team, can all be streamlined in your custom application.

By utilizing a combination of AI and Triggre, businesses can not only automate and scale their customer support processes but also enhance accuracy, oversight, and strategic decision-making, leading to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and support efficiency.  

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