The Business Process Automation Cycle

Your free guide to grow your revenue, not your workforce
The Business Process Automation Cycle is an agile, tested framework that will help your business scale up thanks to the automation of repetitive and time-consuming processes.

Suitable for both startups and large enterprises, our simple yet powerful three-step approach —Select, Redesign, Automate— guides you through identifying key processes to automate, revising their execution, and automating them with the optimal tool.

By focusing on impactful processes first, you'll make smart, iterative enhancements that significantly boost your revenue without the need to scale your team exponentially.

Keep reading to discover how you can transform your business into a more efficient, agile, and profitable venture.

"We started very small, automating only one thing, and incrementally built it up to cover more company processes."

Wikkelhouse is a manufacturing company that builds sustainable modular houses made with cardboard. They use the Business Process Automation Cycle to iteratively automate and improve their processes.

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