A new year, a new logo

Perhaps you had already noticed that our website has a new logo. We decided to kick the year off with a bit of a rebranding. We want to make our logo reflect the simplicity, speed and fun that our customers value so highly.

Pizza slice to the moon

Did you know that the BMW logo is an abstraction of a turning air plane propeller? That’s what happens when you abstract things. It doesn’t look like the original anymore, which means people always see something else in the shape.

Some lovingly call our new logo a pizza slice, while others see an abstract rocket flying upward (and slightly to the right). But as fun as sending a slice of pizza to the moon would be, and we do like our pizza, Triggre is about simplicity, speed and fun.


As you may know, Triggre is much faster than programming. The result of both programming and working with Triggre is, of course, a software program.

That means that Triggre acts as a catalyst in the process of making software. Our logo embodies that idea of a catalyst by combining a smaller and larger shape in one:

Simple shapes

Triggre would be no different than any other solution if it weren’t for our continuous obsession with making things simple. That simplicity that we have embedded so deeply in our DNA is why we chose to use a triangle.

You could argue that a triangle is the most basic 2-dimensional shape there is. In 3D graphics, everything is built up of triangles, because it is the simplest shape to use, mathematically speaking. Two points make a line, and three points make a triangle:

And finally …fun!

Many people find software implementation projects one of the most boring and frustrating things imaginable. It’s understandable, because software projects usually involve communicating requirements, waiting for the implementation, testing, retesting and so on.

Even with agile projects, there is still a big step from what businesses want to getting that implemented. And that takes away the fun. Making software with Triggre, on the other hand, is fast and requires no communication of requirements because you can do it yourself.

This fun is why we want our logo to have a fun and friendly appearance. The font we used and the rounded corners make sure that’s the case. Make sure to keep an eye out for the many innovative, easy-to-use and fun features that we will be releasing this year. The logo is just a start!

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