How to automate a manufacturing company using no-code, in hours, with Triggre

Meet Triggre, the no-code platform for manufacturers, both SMBs and multinationals. Scale your business by transforming repetitive manual work to a fully digitalized and flexible organization.

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Manufacturing companies struggle with...

Poor Inventory Control

Have you ever run out of stock at a certain stage, causing the production to be halted?

Assembly Line Optimization

How can you optimize your manufacturing if you do not know what to optimize?

Single Source of Truth

Are you struggling with data that is spread across multiple systems?

Reactionary Measures

Are you tired of investing in short-term fixes that are not scalable and need frequent maintenance?

Bill of Materials

Are all needed parts and people always available at the assembly line on time?

Relying on Third-Parties

Are the external programmers you outsource the most knowledgeable of your process to solve your problem?

All you need in a single application

Optimize order to production process

Enhance processes with data from your ERP system

Differentiate your process when entering new markets or introducing new products
Distribute data easily into your supply chain

Complete customer journey supported in one workflow solution

Save costs by automating manual repetitive work and replace legacy tools
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"Triggre can mean a lot when it comes to simplifying processes."


AutoPharma / Servilocker

Manufacturer of Medicine Dispensing Machines

Before state

“We work with so many different systems, so we were inefficient doing the same work twice or even three times”.

After state

“Triggre has impacted our business by giving us more efficiency. We built one single application ourselves, so we can always adjust it”.

- Alfons Posthumus, operations manager

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Why choose Triggre?

Adapt your processes

Adapt your processes

Avoid manual work on data spread over multiple systems. Build an integrated and flexible process.

Differentiate on the fly when adding new product lines or when entering new markets.
Take control

Take control

Enable your team to adjust, extend, and improve processes. All without technical knowledge.

Having this ability allows your company to adapt to new demands from customers or suppliers.
Save money

Save money

Save $250K in 2 years, by not continuously expanding teams. This is key for long term success and ROI.

With Triggre, you're able to automate, and execute processes without the need for extra employees.
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Getting started with Triggre is easy

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3Grow your business!

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Ed Lanen

“My experience with Triggre is very good. It is far better than the products I have used in the past.”

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William de la Rambelje

“With Triggre, we automated a lot of work in our purchase-to-order process, at a low cost.”

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Bouwe Koopal

“I am very surprised of the speed at which you can learn Triggre, it's really accessible.”

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