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How to select a platform that suits my needs?

Selecting the perfect no-code or low-code platform to build your business software can be an overwhelming task. With a sea of options and a vast array of features, the real challenge is discerning which platform aligns with your specific needs.

Should I choose a low-code or a no-code platform?

In a nutshell: no-code platforms are typically tailored for smaller organizations, providing straightforward solutions, while low-code platforms address the intricate requirements of larger enterprise organizations (check our blog for a more nuanced comparison).

Positioned uniquely at the intersection of these two worlds, Triggre emerged from our firsthand understanding of the dynamism businesses face nowadays. In an ever-evolving world with demanding customers and challenges, businesses often lack the time and resources for IT projects. However, they desperately need software that's both scalable and reliable.

Triggre offers just that. We blend the convenience and speed of no-code platforms with the sturdiness and scalability inherent in low-code solutions. And we do it all without any loophole for custom code. It's no surprise that our core clientele ranges from SMEs with 20 to 1000 employees to large enterprises seeking departmental solutions, and even SaaS companies integrating Triggre technology "inside".

What is Triggre good for?

Triggre isn't designed to build websites, webshops, or payment gateways. However, we view business processes holistically, so that's why Triggre applications seamlessly integrate with them.

Triggre excels at streamlining internal processes and repetitive administrative tasks, such as order handling, resource planning, calculations, or data processing. Triggre's robust architecture empowers entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies alike to build the custom software they need quickly and affordably.

Triggre, the best software solution for growing businesses

For business users
Backdoors for traditional coding
Quick time to market
Complete solution with extensive logic
Includes complete & scalable database
Manual layout design
Affordable and predictable billing
In-platform learning path
Technical skills required

Why choose Triggre?


Natively implement the most sophisticated business logic without relying on cranky plugins or coding workarounds.


Future-proof your growth with Triggre, the only platform built with scalability in mind that grows alongside your business.

100% no-code

No bugs, no maintenance, no oudated coding. Your application is always operational and protected against threats.

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