Did your Bubble.io burst?

You have invested time and money in a Bubble application to support your business, but its lack of scalability, poor native functionality, and slow performance are holding you back.

It's time to try Triggre: the complete, scalable and true no-code platform to build advanced business applications (without Bubble's headaches).

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Instead of lifting you up, Bubble pulls you down.

Bubble lacks complex logic to run core business processes.

Triggre supports advanced workflows and complex logic. The visual editor and built-in wizards make even the most intricate process user-friendly and errorless.

Bubble's performance slows down as the database grows.

Triggre is intended for scalability. Its default capabilities handle the bulk of activity of the largest databases without hindering performance.

Pricey and buggy third-party plugins are needed in Bubble.

Triggre is a complete solution, containing all the necessary elements to create advanced processes and workflows natively.

Bubble's coding workarounds cause security and maintenance issues.

Triggre is a 100% no-code platform with integrated automated validation and built-in security to make sure your application is always operative and safe.

Bubble has a steep learning curve and an unclear learning path.

Triggre is easy to learn. It has a clear in-platform learning path, which teaches exactly what you need to know with fun, interactive exercises and videos.

Bubble makes budgeting difficult due to their vague pricing.

Triggre has a pay-as-you-go model based on tangible and consistent metrics, and detailed usage graphs that help you budget accurately.
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With Triggre, you'll reach new heights quickly

"Our biggest challenge was to scale up our service without scaling up ourselves. The flexibility and low-cost of Triggre makes it a no-brainer for us. I can't imagine a company that shouldn't work with Triggre at this point."
Alfons Posthumus
Operations Manager
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Why choose Triggre?


Natively implement the most sophisticated business logic without relying on cranky plugins or coding workarounds.


Future-proof your growth with Triggre, the only platform built with scalability in mind that grows alongside your business.

100% no-code

Built-in security and automated validation ensure your application is always operational and protected against threats.
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Bubble vs. Triggre in a nutshell

No complex logic
Difficulties in handling big databases
Need for external plug-ins
Backdoors for script, code, HTML
No guided e-learning
Uncertain total cost
Extensive business logic
Able to manage large amounts of data
Complete solution
100% no-code platform
Clear in-platform learning path
Reliable pricing model

We're biased, don’t take our word for it

"Being a small business owner, somewhat tech savvy, but without coding proficiency or a large budget, Triggre proved to be the thing I have been looking for. I have built an integrated, multi-tenant, multi-user CRM like system, including projects, time writing, invoicing, backlog management and ticketing.

Once I spent a whole evening on trying to get the fill-ins on one simple editing screen in Bubble to align properly. Many options to customize UI, and many ways to make mistakes. With Triggre, I don't have to concern myself with that. I can just build something that immediately works. Love it."
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"I dabbled with Bubble for a while and stopped because it became a bit overwhelming. The learning curve was too steep for me. Back to Triggre, I really appreciate the guidance provided through the step-by-step videos. As a person who does not know how to code, the video tutorials are really essential. Triggre is a great product because it helps people like me (with minimal software skills) to develop solutions for real-world applications."
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