Power Apps vs. Triggre

Feeling more outages than Power Apps?

You've trusted Power Apps to enhance your business operations, yet its need for technical expertise, reliance on external data sources, and absence of standalone functionality are restricting your potential.

Upgrade to Triggre: where advanced business applications are built without Power Apps' constraints.

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Power Apps

Power Apps vs. Triggre in a nutshell

Power Apps
For business users
Backdoors for traditional coding
Quick time to market
Complete solution with extensive logic
Includes complete & scalable database
Manual layout design
Affordable & predictable billing
In-platform learning path
Technical skills required

Which one is best for me: Power Apps or Triggre?

Choose Power Apps if...

Choose Triggre if...

What are the differences between Power Apps and Triggre?

Power Apps is made for users with previous technical knowledge.

Triggre's no-code platform helps both technical users and business users bring their visions to life.

Power Apps requires an external data source connection.

Triggre applications come with their own complete and scalable database, allowing users to manage and modify data effortlessly within the application.

Power Apps doesn't provide real independent applications.

With Triggre you craft your own standalone web application, which guarantees seamless integrations with your existing systems.

You have to install specific software to run Power Apps.

With Triggre you create complete and independent web applications that can be accessed on any device, no downloads needed.

Power Apps lacks guided support during application build.

Triggre offers step-by-step guidance with in-platform wizards, free learning materials and a support community: you don't feel lost in the process.

Power Apps' licensing quickly becomes confusing and expensive.

Triggre's pay-as-you-go pricing model is transparent and cost-effective, ensuring you get value without unexpected costs.

What sets Triggre apart?

100% no-code

100% no-code

No bugs, no maintenance, no outdated coding. Your application is always operational and protected against threats.


Natively implement the most sophisticated business logic without relying on cranky plugins or coding workarounds.
Access anywhere

Access anywhere

Triggre lets you create and deploy standalone web applications that are accessible on any device without any installations.

Best rated no-code platform for business by users

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"Our Triggre portal replaced 7 off-the-shelf software solutions, saving >6.000 EUR/month in SaaS license fees."
Bob Slikkerveer, Mästare
"We created our MVP with Triggre in record time: a portal to manage shipments across Europe."
Frans Passchier, BjörnBox
"Our Triggre application provides 24/7 inventory insights thanks to a barcode scanning system, which is easy to scale up."
William de la Rambelje, VDH
"We automated repetitive tasks with our Triggre portal, reducing 50% of time and money spent on human mistakes."
Rick Buchter, Wikkelhouse

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