Betty Blocks vs. Triggre

Is traditional coding your most used Betty Block?

Any small tweak in your Betty Blocks application requires a full-time skilled developer team on your payroll on top of their costly monthly fees, something out of reach for most entrepreneurs and SMEs.

You have your own business to take care of  – you can't afford to lose time and money on software that doesn't work. It's time to try Triggre, a true no-code solution that's affordable and reliable.

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Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks vs. Triggre in a nutshell

Betty Blocks
For business users
Backdoors for traditional coding
Quick time to market
Complete solution with extensive logic
Includes complete & scalable database
Manual layout design
Affordable & predictable billing
In-platform learning path
Technical skills required
Maintenance downtime
Automated validation

Which one is best for me: Betty Blocks or Triggre?

Choose Betty Blocks if...

  • Your team has the necessary coding skills and expertise.
  • You're aiming for an exact, pixel-perfect design with a highly customized UI.
  • You need to have on-premise hosting.

Choose Triggre if...

  • You prioritize a rapid application development and deployment.
  • You seek an easily scalable solution without the complexities of coding.
  • You need a budget-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on performance.

What are the differences between Betty Blocks and Triggre?

Betty Blocks heavily relies on traditional coding: it's not a no-code platform!

Triggre is a genuine no-code platform with no coding backdoor: build comprehensive business applications effortlessly without technical skills.

Betty Blocks pricing is unaffordable for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Triggre has a pay-as-you-go model with the most competitive prices on the market and an affordable entry-level threshold, ideal for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Betty Blocks lacks auto-validation & proper testing environment.

Triggre's automated testing ensures your application's reliability, while its test environment lets you experiment without affecting the live version.

You need to hire experts to run your Betty Blocks application.

With Triggre you put your internal resources to use, without the need to hire a large team of external and expensive professional developers.

Betty Blocks is horded with bugs that negatively affect your application.

Triggre's maintenance is quick and done behind the scenes, so your application is always safe, operative and with undisrupted performance.

Betty Blocks lacks extensive learning resources available online for free.

Triggre is easy to learn. It has a clear in-platform learning path, which teaches exactly what you need to know with fun, interactive exercises and videos.

What sets Triggre apart?

100% no-code

100% no-code

No bugs, no maintenance, no outdated coding. Your application is always operational and protected against threats.


Triggre has an affordable pricing model that allows you to pay only for what you use, perfect for entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Triggre's built-in automated validation and security ensure your application is always operational and protected against threats.

Best rated no-code platform for business by users

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"Our Triggre portal replaced 7 off-the-shelf software solutions, saving >6.000 EUR/month in SaaS license fees."
Bob Slikkerveer, Mästare
"We created our MVP with Triggre in record time: a portal to manage shipments across Europe."
Frans Passchier, BjörnBox
"Our Triggre application provides 24/7 inventory insights thanks to a barcode scanning system, which is easy to scale up."
William de la Rambelje, VDH
"We automated repetitive tasks with our Triggre portal, reducing 50% of time and money spent on human mistakes."
Rick Buchter, Wikkelhouse

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