Why we founded Triggre

We are here for those who walk their own path. The inventors, builders, growers and entrepreneurs. The adventurers.
Those that start businesses, build them and help grow them to stellar heights. They are the motor of our economy.
Because they change things. They innovate. And whether in the spotlights, or working diligently behind the scenes, no-one can deny their business creativity.
Triggre is the tool of their trade.
Unleash your business creativity.

Jesse Meijers

"When I started my first company at 19 years old, we built many advanced applications for our customers.

Many times, simple improvements to the applications would take us a long time to make.

When I started Triggre with Mark, we wanted to change that feeling of it being so hard to make software"

Mark Hulshof

"We found out that at corporates and smaller businesses, many software projects fail, take longer than expected or cost more.

So we decided to change the software industry by creating our own platform.

Which is easier to learn, easy to work with and moreover can be used by customers themselves"