Why Triggre scales so well: a look inside the platform

Jesse Meijers

When you think about building applications, scalability is a big deal. It means whether your app can grow with your business and handle more work without missing a beat. At Triggre, we've put a lot of thought into making sure our no-code platform isn't just easy to use but also scales up well. Let's unpack why Triggre is as scalable as, if not more than, many low-code platforms out there, focusing on two things we're passionate about: performance and simplicity.

Number one focus: high performance

At the heart of Triggre is our commitment to performance. Our platform is designed as a full-stack solution that leverages compilation to boost efficiency.

When you hit "Publish" on your Triggre application, here's the streamlined process that unfolds:

  • Blueprint Creation: Triggre first captures the essence of your visual design, transforming it into a detailed blueprint.
  • Code Generation: This blueprint is then handed over to the “Triggre Builder," our engine that meticulously converts your visual design into code. This includes everything from the database code to the backend and frontend logic — all tailor-made for your app's needs.
  • Compilation: With the code ready, it undergoes a compilation process. This is where it's transformed into an executable file, essentially the heartbeat of your application, alongside a compatible database structure.
  • Deployment: This compiled, ready-to-launch version of your application is then deployed to the server. If you are publishing an application update, not only is the new version installed, but the existing database is also seamlessly migrated to ensure no data is left behind.

This process ensures your application is optimized for performance from the moment it goes live, which explains the brief wait time before your app is published.

Simplicity at the core

We believe in making things as easy as possible — not just on the surface but all the way down. Our goal is to abstract complexity to such a degree that interacting with the platform feels intuitive. Think of it like a painting in the pointillism technique (where dots of paint are applied in patterns to form an image): it looks beautifully simple from afar, but up close, there’s a lot of complexity. For business applications, this can be achieved by abstracting away as far as possible from the hardware on which the application runs.

"La Récolte des Foins, Eragny" by Camille Pissarro, pointillism master.

This simplicity, however, doesn't mean a reduction in capabilities. On the contrary, Triggre employs strategies that, while unconventional (like integrating logic and data layers closely, a no-go in traditional programming), are designed to enhance performance. This approach allows us to maintain a simple, user-friendly interface without sacrificing the depth and robustness required for complex business solutions.

This can be done because when we generate code for your application, the scale — be it 10K lines, 100K or a 1M lines of code — doesn't pose a problem. In typical development scenarios, maintaining a larger codebase becomes increasingly complex. Think of Triggre as a highly efficient code factory. Every time you publish your application, this factory springs into action, generating code swiftly. The beauty of this system is that the individual maintainability of this code is not a concern. If updates are needed or changes made, Triggre can regenerate your application's code quickly and accurately. What truly matters is the maintainability of the factory itself — ensuring that Triggre remains a robust, reliable platform for generating your applications.

How this adds up to scalability

So, what does all this mean for scaling up? It means that whether your application is small and mighty or large and in charge, Triggre can handle it with ease. Because of the way we generate code, the size of your application doesn’t make it harder to manage or slow things down.

Instead of just adding more and more buttons, we focus on improving the whole system. Coming back to the earlier comparison, we are not building the end product, we are always changing the factory that’s building the product. This way, we ensure that Triggre not only meets your needs today but is also ready to grow with you tomorrow.

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