Meet Triggre’s guides: “Software creation presents a world of possibilities”

Eddie Heijblom

Bringing IT closer to people, eliminating the programmer from the equation: it’s the main task of Triggre’s guides. Today, our guide Eddie Heijblom explains how he helps customers create and realize their own ideas. “It’s not just about creating an application; it’s about the ways in which you implement it, use it, and make it work for your business processes,” Eddie says. “My role is to assist people in making the best decisions in this regard. And I’m very passionate about helping them succeed!”

A contagious can-do attitude

Triggre is a young, dynamic company, and its can-do attitude often affects customers in a positive way. “The pleasant and fun atmosphere is contagious,” says Eddie. “We are all passionate about what we do, and we don’t like the word ‘no.’”

Triggre’s can-do attitude does not reflect the traditional IT approach that is marked by hurdles, issues, and lengthy projects. “We believe it’s important to handle things in a more creative manner. In our experience, customers start seeing all kinds of opportunities once you adopt an innovative attitude, focusing on getting things done. Being able to create software is a big part of that equation. Your creativity isn’t killed by consultants who tell you it’s not possible. From now on, you can try it yourself and discover more possibilities than you had initially imagined. Once people realize that they actually can create what they have in mind without too much hassle, they are pleasantly surprised.”

Nourishing customers’ creativity

Initially, many of Triggre’s customers are frustrated about going through IT-related projects. “Seeing that software creation doesn’t have to be difficult is usually a weight off their shoulders,” explains Eddie. To him, opening their eyes to a world of possibilities is a wonderful challenge: “I nourish their creativity and help them realize their ideas. In doing so, I always emphasize that almost everything is possible. And once they see that the sky is the limit, the creative juices don’t stop flowing. I’ve helped them open a door they always believed was closed, and it encourages them to open other doors to innovation. That’s what I love about my job!”

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