Design: simple steps towards an advanced application

Jesse Meijers

Building an application with Triggre is easy and fun. But what looks simple in the foreground is complex and well-thought-out in the background. Triggre’s Designer (in which users design their applications) and its Builder (which automatically turns those designs into applications) require advanced programming skills from our team. In this blog, we will tell you more about the way Triggre works – both on the outside and on the ‘inside!’

1. The Designer

To us, it is crucial that anyone with knowledge of his or her business process can work with Triggre. To this end, we need to make our Designer in a way they understand it without restricting its capabilities. Only then will they be able to use it to create applications in an innovative, creative manner. This balancing act requires top skills from our developers.

Making an easy-to-use Designer is, in fact, very difficult in technical terms. In order to successfully incorporate this duality in Triggre, our team sketches out functional designs for applications that our users should be able to create. They use this approach because only when our developers truly know and understand the customer’s wishes, they can simplify the actual designing of the application by the customer. This process, even though it takes a lot of time, ensures that designing the desired application will be a breeze.

2. The Builder

Our Builder – which generates an application based on the design – automates the work traditionally done by programmers. Obviously, this requires some abstract thinking: our developers need to create an application that generates applications. To ensure that the Builder works properly, our Lead Architect creates a technical design that ensures Triggre can meet our customers’ expectations; once the Builder sets to work, the user’s carefully created designs are converted into fully working applications in mere minutes.

3. The application

After the first two steps, users can instantly see the results of their efforts: their application is up and running and ready for use. Now, they can set to work and enjoy the benefits of what they created!

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