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Season 1 | Episode 2

Sahil Khosla: embracing multipotentiality

In this invigorating episode of Automation Caffeine, we're joined by the multi-talented Sahil Khosla, a teacher, problem solver, and self-proclaimed multipotentialite.

Multipotentiality, a term he embraced after discovering it on a TED talk, describes his ability to pursue multiple interests and projects simultaneously, a trait vividly reflected in his innovative automations.

From automating his front door and alarm-proofing his backpack to outwit lunch-thieving friends in the 90s, to recently developing a clever workaround for using a non-accepted credit card at Costco, Sahil's creativity knows no bounds.

His creative drive led him to transition from a software engineering role in a major corporation to a unique venture: establishing NoCode University to make automation accessible to all.

Tune in to this episode for the complete story!

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