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Season 1 | Episode 4

Joep Donders: a bold buyout for innovation

In this episode of Automation Caffeine we chat with Joep Donders, CEO of Marvia (SaaS-based marketing automation platform) and self-proclaimed builder, explorer and runner.

After running the company for a few years, Joep and his business partner made the bold move to buy it out. Against all odds, this led to Joep experiencing less stress and more restful nights. Freed from the worries of risking someone else's investment, he now navigates the company's future with the freedom to innovate without the weight of external pressure.

An unique combination of curiosity, consistency and growth mindset undoubtedly influences his approach to business and life. During this episode, we delve into the autonomy gained after the buyout, the strategic shift towards innovation, and the importance of aligning the sales and development teams to achieve success in the US market.

Joep also sheds light on emerging trends in brand management, with an emphasis on building communities around brands and the power of genuine human connections. In addition, he offers sage advice to those considering buying a company vs. starting a new one from scratch.

Ready for some real talk on innovation, brand management, and making bold business moves?

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