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Are you a business owner or business manager? Are you wondering why your company is still strugling with lots of manual repetitive tasks, Excels and other systems that don't meet your requirements? Are you about to hire more staff to get things done? Start digitalizing your business processes today.
Start digitalizing your business processes today. Up & running in 2 weeks.
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Send quotations and proposals within minutes instead of weeks.

Save 80% of the busy work in your administration. Automate every process.

Say goodbye to hefty emails back and forth. Get things done, first time right.

Streamline customer service and reduce handling time by more than 50%.

Support your unique processes and grow. Triggre adapts to your needs.

Get rid of legacy, overpriced software and Excels and save 1000s of euros/month.

Join +250 SMEs that have already automated their processes with Triggre
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your digitalized processes
100% Custom To You!
Up and running in 2 weeks
Developed in record time
Automate any manual process
Save 50% of handling time
Next big idea
"Our Triggre application provides 24/7 inventory insights thanks to a barcode scanning system, which is easy to scale up."
William de la Rambelje, Manager Operations
the problem

Your processes costs too much time. This holds you back from growth.

More than 50% of your business processes can be done more efficiently by automation and digitalization. For example by optimizing customers interaction via portals, integration with suppliers, automated compliance, employee self-service and automated administrative tasks.
Growth hack:
Save over $100K per year by automating your process and
get the space you need to grow you business.
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Working like this kills growth. Stop the hassle and automate your processes.
Does your process look like a maze where your people are trying to get things done but suffer with too many tools and endless repetitive tasks?
No straight through processing
Too much handling time
This is disrupting your growth
Try Triggre instead
Other solutions force you to adapt to their processes
Your processes are unique. This makes your business stand out and it's the reason your customers buy. Adapting to a one-size-fits-all solution forces you to change, and you will lose your unique positioning.
Standard solutions don't support unique businesses
Custom solutions are expensive and therefore not flexible
You are struggling with manual tasks
Try Triggre instead

Get your processes digitalized in no-time.
No kidding.

1Choose a process and start digitalizing your company

Upload all your previous records and connect your application to any external systems.

2An application 100% custom to your needs

Tailored to your brand and internal processes, the application can be used on any device.

3Immediately save time and money

Add your users and start using your application right away. Enjoy your digitally streamlined process!

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Digitally transform you business.
Save 50% in handling time and costs.

Support every business process with a Triggre business application. Replace Excel and other legacy systems. Self-serve your customers, suppliers, subcontracters and employees. Integrate with third parties such as freight carriers, governmental agencies and large customers.

Result: no more calls back and forth, endless emails, needless communication or rework of the same task. With Triggre your process are digitalized, automated and self-served. From managing a process to orchestration of your business.
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 Here’s why customers love Triggre

"We created our MVP with Triggre in record time: a portal to manage shipments across Europe."
Frans Passchier, BjörnBox
"We automated repetitive tasks with our Triggre portal, reducing 50% of time and money spent on human mistakes."
Rick Buchter, Wikkelhouse
"Our Triggre application allows us to adapt the software to the needs of the company very quickly, and scale up even faster."
Alfons Posthumus, Servilocker
"Our Triggre application provides 24/7 inventory insights thanks to a barcode scanning system, which is easy to scale up."
William de la Rambelje, VDH
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100s of companies are using Triggre to save costs, when will you?

Take action today and digitalize your business processes. Start for free now, we are ready to get you going.
Developed in record time
Automate any manual process
Save 50% in handling time

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