The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Jesse Meijers

Practically everyone has at least some experience with software creation. People who have been involved with it in one way or another almost always have the same experience. That it is as expensive as it is time-consuming, and that is frustrating to say the least.

When we tell people about a product that eliminates such bottlenecks, they are always skeptical and we cannot blame them. But once our customers start working with Triggre, their initial doubts melt away like snow in the sun. So, why is that?

From idea into reality and fast!

Triggre empowers customers by allowing them to create their own software. Just do it yourself and let us provide support during the entire – ongoing – process. Our motto? ‘Let’s get to work as soon as possible.’ Of course, it’s necessary to document certain things, but we minimize the theoretical stage to the greatest possible extent. Because once our customers have created their first application, they experience a mind shift.

Just go

It’s easy to create software from scratch with Triggre and experience a first result. From there on out they can start adapting and calling on our expertise and experience whenever necessary. That’s where it gets interesting, because they have experienced how easy it is to transform an idea into reality. They can use Triggre as a toolbox to change and create virtually anything. Their first software product is only the beginning of an innovative and fun software creation journey!

Adapting to an ever-changing world

Today’s society is subject to change. To adapt to our dynamic, ever-changing world, our customers need to be able to change course in an instant. Triggre allows them to adjust their software rapidly and to adopt a more creative mindset. Whenever, wherever. The latter ensures that they can respond to societal changes in an innovative way, quickly implementing their own ideas as well as those of their customers.

Like riding a motorcycle

‘Creating software: isn’t that very difficult?’ It is a question we regularly get. In our case, the answer is very simple: ‘No.’ Everyone who can think in processes and make an Excel formula will be able to work with Triggre. Obviously, it has a learning curve, but you will understand it very quickly. It’s like riding a motorcycle: once you’ve learned the basics, you can ride off into the sunset and enjoy your freedom!

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