From scratch to finish in no time: stopping the ‘IT drag’

Jesse Meijers

Every good solution starts with a brilliant idea. So if you have inspiration for a new software solution that will make your life easier, the last thing you want is the infamous ‘IT drag’ to spoil the fun. Stretched-out development stages, pompous IT talk, and constant hardware and software upgrades pose limitations to your creativity and efficiency. What you want – and need – is to realize your ideas in no time, so you can start benefiting from software without the hassle.

As an IT consultant, I am well aware of all this. Finding the right (software) solution, however, proved to be difficult.

That is, until I got acquainted with Triggre. In this blog, I would like to tell you about my experience with software creation minus the ‘IT drag.’ It has made my life – and that of the IT department – a whole lot easier!

From healthy skepticism to convincing test case

I will be honest with you. When Triggre first told me that it could provide us with cloud solutions which did not require any programming knowledge, I was as skeptical as I was curious. I invited them over, they explained their concept, and I took on the challenge of gaining a better understanding of their platform. Their test case surprised me: I was able to build an application faster than ever before. I went from scratch to finish in no time – hassle-free. It was an IT consultant’s dream. Triggre’s promises were not empty, and I was sold.

Working faster and more efficiently with Triggre’s tools

Today, our company is happily using several applications, such as an asset tool, a Harmonized Tariff code application, an Inbound Routing Guide, and an Outbound Routing Guide. The latter – which calculates transportation costs, additional costs like fuel, and ETA – deserves a special mention; it has eliminated over 20 Ms Access databases that had been created over a period of more than 20 years! With its ability to provide automated emails, alerts, and live reporting for management, it has allowed our employees to work faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. In due time, we will definitely introduce this ingenious application at a global level.

Flexible and carefree: even for IT!

Briefly put, I am happy with Triggre. Our greatest gain is that we can now make changes in no time. And we never have to worry about hardware or software upgrades again!

Guest author: John L’Espoir

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