Digital logistics doesn’t require IT!

Mark Hulshof

Coordinating processes better without extra pressure on IT: it is possible. And supply chain management employees who act as a link between managers, suppliers, procurement, and other parties involved want to know how. Because it will save time- and costs, and boosts their efficiency.

As a Distribution Supplier Manager, I figured that a hassle-free software solution would do the trick for me. And it did, which I’d like to elaborate on in this blog!

Digitalizing inbound and outbound processes

On a daily basis, I am dealing with a variety of stakeholders. Reporting to managers, optimizing processes, informing suppliers, and ensuring that suppliers keep me up to date: it is all part of the job. Coordinating all the inbound and outbound processes involved in supply chain management, however, is no mean feat. So working with the right applications is paramount for me.

Flexibility and speed are essential characteristics of a software solution, and what I don’t want are months-long IT processes that slow down everything and beat down creativity.

The answer? Triggre. Since we’ve started using it, we are able to see virtually all of the parcels that we receive on a day-to-day basis, which we can translate to a better planning. Moreover, we can instantly check the purchase orders we received, which allows us to determine what products need to be cross-docked immediately.

With respect to outbound processes, Triggre has also made our work a lot easier. For example, by helping us classify and disclose all the shipping requirements by country and product, so every employee can ship products at the end of the day.

Naturally, all of this has resulted in a major advantage: happier, satisfied customers.

Trigger efficiency!

In my case, Triggre has proved that the right software can help me track and trace any purchase order, thus allowing us to create an efficient planning. I had been looking for flexible, easily adaptable, and hassle-free software for quite a while, and Triggre has provided the solution – by triggering and promoting efficiency with regard to our processes!

Guest Author: Adrie Dore

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