Customer case: NCR and Triggre’s fruitful collaboration

Eddie Heijblom

Joining forces with a third party to create software can be frightening. After all, you’re no longer in control, and someone else is constantly looking over your shoulders, telling you what to do. Triggre, however, believes in empowering customers, allowing them to create their own software hassle-free while guiding them in the process. In this blog, we’d like to focus on one of our many successful collaborations – namely, with NCR, a company that ships goods to virtually every corner of the world.

Outbound Routing Guide

In cooperation with Triggre, NCR developed the Outbound Routing Guide, a system that specifies the dimensions, weight, and cost of each box, as well as the day on which it will be shipped. The system takes elements such as priority, cost, and destination into account to determine what transportation route is most efficient and which carrier will be used.

Towards an up-to-date, viable application

One of NCR’s bottlenecks was their Access application that no longer complied with current standards – mainly due to updating issues. Furthermore, the company stored information in different places, which made it difficult to quickly retrieve data.

NCR is now dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on an extension of the application. It will soon enter the testing phase, allowing NCR to experience the benefits of automation, such as data being stored in one place as well as making information that is currently only stored in people’s minds, generally available.

Combining two fields of expertise: the key to success

An expert in logistics processes, NCR would normally have to spend days explaining their expertise to a third party. With Triggre, they can create in-depth software components independently, saving both time and money. This hands-on approach also triggers a more innovative way of thinking. For example, NCR recently created a tool for their asset management activities. Before they got started, they only consulted with a Triggre Guide on its feasibility! And an idea for yet another application was recently pitched to the management.

In NCR’s words…

Triggre gives us the ability to experiment with new insights so we can continuously improve our supply chain processes.

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