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Season 1 | Episode 8

Thijs Trommelen: slicing automation struggles

In this season's finale we welcome Thijs Trommelen, a creative yet analytical entrepreneur who started his business career in a very unconventional way: by literally cutting things in half!

Thijs takes us back to his early days founding a guerrilla marketing agency where he orchestrated bold stunts, including placing a shopping cart cut in half at Utrecht’s busiest train station—a nod to Harry Potter fans. He also ventured into the culinary world with a unique stuffed potato restaurant poised for franchising, and even started a webshop for caps.

After experiencing first hand the struggles small and medium-sized enterprises face, he founded Growrs, a low-code and no-code agency that makes automation accessible to SMEs. Thijs leveraged the lessons from his earlier business ventures to shape Growrs’ mission, focusing on streamlining automation to facilitate business growth.

Thijs delves into how automation has changed company operations, highlighting real cases of improved efficiency and cost savings, and the future of automation with advancements such as AI and machine learning. He also shares practical advice for anyone looking to navigate these advancements in their business.

Listen now for an inspiring mix of fun anecdotes and expert insights on leveraging automation for business growth!

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