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Build business apps in no time with no code. No kidding.

1Goodbye SaaS license fees

No more hefty license fees for SaaS tools based on seats. Instead, you only pay for what you really use.

2Cut out the middleman

You no longer need a middleman (developer). Go straight from design to application!

3Build your app in hours

Build a fully functioning business application, customized to your processes, in hours!

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This is Triggre.

Triggre simplifies application building by combining an intuitive designer with powerful automation and workflow features.

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Ready made solutions for you

Don’t know where to start? No worries. Find a perfectly fitting template for your application! With a free Triggre account, you can easily try out and change your template.

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Trusted by companies big and small

"Triggre is very user-friendly, so even a beginner can start building applications right away."


Discover your innovation potential

Organizations that are able to quickly build flexible business applications, are significantly more successful than their peers. For small and medium businesses, this speed and flexibility is even more important, yet often comes at too high a price.

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Triggre is for process thinkers

Supply chain
Fortune 500 companies
Self-employed professionals
And much more ...
If your company works with software, you need Triggre.
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Do you experience software hassle?

Do employees work around software with spreadsheets?
Do you always have to wait for the IT department?
Do you have more ideas than you can carry out?
Does your business change faster than your software?
Are you still doing a lot of repetitive or manual work?
Are you dependent on software suppliers?
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