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Easily add pricing configurators, product configurators, instructions and anything else you need to offload your sales team from the ordering process and increase sales!
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Save 50% of handling time

“We used to work with many different systems, we were inefficient.
With Triggre we are able to scale our business without scaling our team.”
Alfons Posthumus, Manager Operations
the problem

70% of customers expect orders to be 100% self-served… Are yours?

Nowadays people expect to buy everything on demand whenever they want, without endless phone calls. How many deals are you losing because of this?
Get your customized Order Portal in just 2 weeks.
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No one likes to buy like this. This is killing your deals
Does your process look like a maze where your people are trying to get things done but suffer with too many tools and endless repetitive tasks?
No straight through processing of orders
Too much handling time impacts profitabilty
This is keeping you away from growth
Try Triggre instead
Other solutions force you to adapt to their processes
Your processes are unique. This makes your business stand out and it's the reason your customers buy. Adapting to a one-size-fits-all solution forces you to change, and you will lose your unique positioning.
Standard solutions don't support unique businesses
Custom solutions are expensive and therefore not flexible
You are struggling with manual tasks
Try Triggre instead

A custom order portal customers love! (and save 50% of order handling time)

No more calls, endless emails or even lost deals because some customers lost patience or didn’t buy as much as they could have.
Finally a tool that adapts to your process (not the other way around)
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step #1
Configure your digital order process together with our partner
During an intake we describe your order process, the order statuses, dependencies and business rules. Based on this outline, your portal will be configurated by one of our expert partners.
Your pricing configuration
Your order process
Your reports
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“What if I want to change my ordering process?"
Triggre is a no code platform, this means you can change, extend and differentiatie your processes at any time.

Same portal, different looks

step #2
Apply your custom styling, logo and domain
Your order portal will be generated with your company's look and feel. We just need your logo, fonts and colors to apply your custom styling. Next, we will guide you on how to run the portal on your domain.
It’s easy because your styling will be applied to a responsive template. This means your order works on a laptop, smartphone and tablet.
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step #3
Import articles, products and customers
Your data will be converted to your order portal. We pull in data from articles, customers, historical orders, etc. Exactly all the data you're using in your current process.
Triggre connects with all kinds of systems out there. Or we simply convert Excel or CSV files to Triggre.
Working this way will give your employees and customers a headstart.
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“What if I want to connect with another system?”
Triggre connects with any application, including yours.
step #4
Start collaborating with your team and customers
Create new quotations together with your team
Track and trace from order to invoice to payment
One central location for all freight documentation
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“How do I manage tasks over different roles and departments?”
Triggre comes with a built-in feature for role management to create your own roles and assign them to your users.
step #5
Create the perfect report with the metrics you want!
All data from your order process will be logged by Triggre, and it can be presented in any report you like. From order volumes to a trail of order process steps, duration and statuses.
With Triggre, it is easy to build a new report. Add a new page, select the data, type of chart and done.
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“What if I want to present a report to my customers?”
Via the portal, customers can view the reports you provide. Of course, customers only see their own data. With the standard export options, you can export for example to PDF or Excel.
20+ experts to help you create your portal!
300+ portals created so far!
get your order portal
100% done for you.
Up and running in 2 weeks
Migrate data from customers, products, etc.
With a quick training your team is ready for take-off
Invite your customers and start getting in orders digitally

 Here’s why our customers use Triggre

"Our Triggre portal replaced 7 off-the-shelf software solutions, saving >6.000 EUR/month in SaaS license fees."
Bob Slikkerveer, Mästare
"We created our MVP with Triggre in record time: a portal to manage shipments across Europe."
Frans Passchier, BjörnBox
"Our Triggre application provides 24/7 inventory insights thanks to a barcode scanning system, which is easy to scale up."
William de la Rambelje, VDH
"We automated repetitive tasks with our Triggre portal, reducing 50% of time and money spent on human mistakes."
Rick Buchter, Wikkelhouse
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100s of companies are using Triggre to save costs, when will you?

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We will set it up for you
Up and running within 2 weeks
Save 50% in handling time

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